Well I did say…..

I did say that I wouldn’t write every day and that there would be times when I wouldn’t be able to write at all. The last month has been just such a time. For some reason (?) I lost my mojo. I’ve been finding it really difficult to motivate myself, which I think must be a common problem amongst the disabled community. Sometimes I have so much energy it becomes like something is going to explode! When this happens I find that I withdraw into myself and I have no inclination to interact with anyone. Of course, this is impossible as I have carers twice every day and my grandchildren, friends who want to visit. So, this builds and builds making me more and more tired and depressed. The only way to try and break this cycle is to take to my bed. Just for one day. Where I can be warm and sleep when I want to. I did this yesterday and wow was it just the right thing to do. Today I feel 100 times better than I have for weeks. I upped the dose of my sleep meds last and had the best nights sleep.

So I’m writing today and the view from my wheelchair looks better today!