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O my days (first published 10/10/18)

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This post was written last October after a long period of inactivity on my part. Rereading it now, it’s seems even more relevant. I thought I should repost it. Obviously those in government have changed since then.

‘Now I feel ready to write again but where to start? Brexit? Boris Johnson? Donald Trump? It’s actually all too much I’d be writing for hours and much of it would be boring and probably unacceptable.

What I will say is this; when did we stop doing politics in the way we are known for? In other words when did we forget what democracy in this country means? We had a referendum on whether we should leave the EU, the majority, however small, voted that we should.  4 years ago a in a referendum Scotland voted to stay in the union.  Yet, there are people from all sides in England and in Scotland making an almighty din calling for second votes.  I find it tedious in the extreme.  I’m also aghast at the behaviour of those in government, even those in the cabinet, making the Brexit negotiations so difficult for the PM and Dominic Raab as they are facing the EU from what looks like a position of horrible weakness.  A referendum is a democratic vote, therefore the result should be honoured as such. Those who are privileged to govern us should put up, shut up and get on with delivering the people’s decision.’

My opinion hasn’t changed. It has become more tedious and vitriolic with more people spouting nonsense. I can’t quite believe that we’re a year on and nothing has changed!

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