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O my ….. is the end in sight

Let’s not get too excited!

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So, Boris has got his deal ensuring his place in history. Yesterday, in Brussels, lots of back slapping, hand clapping and, frankly rather distasteful, kissing!

There is a sense that this has all been rather rushed, and it’s important to take a step back and look at how this deal was reached.

Basically the Prime Minister has rehashed the May deal with only one real change – replacing the so-called ‘back-stop’ with a customs border in the Irish Sea, something which, in 2018, he stated in the strongest terms, he would never do. This, in many people’s view, undermines the Union of our four nations, as well as the hard-won peace enshrined in the Good Friday Agreement. it also raises the spectre of Scotland, who, if the SNP is to be believed, is champing at the bit to break up the Union.

Parliamentarians of all colours were quickly lining up this morning, to show their support for the deal. Most of this is sheer fatigue, everyone wants it over. Even the MPs who were chucked out of the party for voting against the Prime Minister, were saying they would vote in favour!

On the other hand, some of the less enthusiastic types, were urging caution, and they are right to do so. There plenty in the House of Commons who will vote against the deal. Added to that the fact that the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) will not support anything that separates them from the rest of the UK, or anything that leaves them tied to the EU in any way, it is possible the deal will not get through.

Tomorrow will be an extremely tense day, and possibly momentous. What happens next remains to be seen.

Photo by Dylan Nolte on Unsplash

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