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    Time to take a little time

    I’m taking a little time off to do some admin and redesigning of Belles Days. I know you will all miss me (!) but I will be back in a couple of days. From time to time things have be done. Also, I have home things and family things this weekend so my time short! See you soon

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    Notes on an election campaign

      It has to be said: this one’s a bit of a joke   Boris is getting himself in a twist as to whether he’s building 40 new hospitals or 6, or whether it’s actually just refurbishment, whether we’re going to have 50,000 nurses or actually 19,000. He really doesn’t have anything to say other than ‘let’s get Brexit done’!  ‘Unleash Britain’s potential’!  He promises a high level of investment in the NHS, in Education, in apprenticeship etc, all the usual stuff.       Mr Corbyn ( funny how we call Boris by his Christian name but with Jeremy we are more polite) promises unprecedented levels of spending, an…

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    Moving Forwards

    How to face your fears and move on Wednesday of this week for me, was momentous. You will probably think that what I am going to say next is not much to write home about! I went out in my new power chair. There it is. I can hear the murmurs ‘and?’ ‘so?’ ‘and that was momentous because….’. Having a power chair after years of depending on other people to be pushed around is a wondrous thing. Having no choice as to where you can go, concern about whether the person pushing is able to manage awkward spaces, being parked while they go down a supermarket aisle or go off…

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    How to change your life completely

    If you are lucky enough to have the chance Thirty years ago almost to the day my husband and I bought an old French farmhouse in the South-West of France in the beautiful Lot Valley. We had to remortgage our home in England to do it but from our point of view it was worth it. At that point my two youngest children were 10 and 12. We had been taking holidays in France since the youngest was approaching 2, we had five children altogether, three of my husband’s from his previous marriage and our two. All the children lived with us, so we were a large family. This made…

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    An open letter to the Prime Minister

    Dear Boris You have me seriously worried and confused. For the first time since I was eligible to vote in 1974, I don’t know what to do. Things were quite tough then. A Tory government under Edward Heath was struggling with a miner’s strike and those of us in work had to endure the three-day week, the constriction of power to commercial premises, meaning no light and no heating, this went on for three months January to March, the coldest time. There was an oil crisis, economic crisis, and the Trades Unions ruled the roost. There were two elections that year resulting in a Labour government. Strangely, Jeremy Corbyn was…