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In whom do we trust?

So, we have a general election in December close to Christmas, the first since 1923. All the Parties have launched their campaigns.

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So, where do they all stand?

The Liberal Democrats have called themselves ‘the Remain Party’ In other words for them it’s all about revoking Article 50 and pretending that the democratic vote didn’t happen and if we vote for them it’ll be ok because everything will go back to normal — whatever that is!

The Labour Party can’t make up their minds whether they want Brexit or not and would offer a second referendum if elected, whilst at the same time getting Brexit done with a new deal in six months! They have unveiled an apparent spend, spend, borrow, spend some more………typical socialist economics we have seen before.

All Boris has said so far is that he doesn’t want an election but nevertheless he will get us out of the EU by the end of January 2020. But he has announced major spending plans for the NHS, the Police and infrastructure. A good and proper end to austerity, which they have put the country through for years. Everybody forgets that at the end of the last Labour era how much we were in debt!

Nigel Farage has popped up again to make sure nobody forgets him, and he is still peddling the same message — he is the man of the people and the only one who understands how much everyone (except the 48% who voted to remain) wants to leave Europe. Just go down the pub Nigel!

But Seriously…

So, already the sparring has started. From each, but particularly Corbyn, attacking each other seems to have set the tone. However much they pretend otherwise (save the Lib Dems) this is going to be a Brexit election. People are generally fed up with three years of uncertainty and interviews with the general public would appear to show that there is a general shift towards Boris Johnson as the man who will relieve us all of this burden. However, it must be remembered that this is a minute sample of roughly 50 million voters.

Mostly there is a sense of confusion. The Labour Party insists that Boris‘ plan is to sell the NHS out to major US corporations. In this Jeremy and Boris have the same message constantly uttered ‘the NHS is not for sale’. Who do we trust? Boris has lost the trust of many over his Brexit deal and it’s solution for Northern Ireland, whereas as Jeremy is an unknown quantity never having had the chance to be tested on his trustworthiness. It depends very much on which Party the voters trust to deliver Brexit, as well safeguarding the NHS, dealing with climate change, and delivering a strong economy.

Trust is a very important concept in politics. Ordinary people can be heard asking the question ‘who can we trust?’ Or ‘how can we trust Boris Johnson?’ . The sad thing is that people in this country have lost their trust in our democracy. The Parties have an opportunity to try to restore this trust. If all this election comes down to is squabbling and scoring points, as in recent campaigns, any trust that is left will be further eroded.

There is a real chance we will end up with a hung Parliament again. This will deny us the chance to move on from this ghastliness that we have endured over the past few years. Unlike others I don’t believe our democracy, system or Parliament is ‘broken’ but we do need a government with a working majority at the very least. It is very difficult to predict who are the best people to put into government.

This is the most important election we have had in 40 years. Any government we elect will potentially govern for five years. We have got to get it right.

Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash

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