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Notes on an election campaign

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It has to be said: this one’s a bit of a joke

Boris is getting himself in a twist as to whether he’s building 40 new hospitals or 6, or whether it’s actually just refurbishment, whether we’re going to have 50,000 nurses or actually 19,000. He really doesn’t have anything to say other than ‘let’s get Brexit done’!  ‘Unleash Britain’s potential’!  He promises a high level of investment in the NHS, in Education, in apprenticeship etc, all the usual stuff.
Mr Corbyn ( funny how we call Boris by his Christian name but with Jeremy we are more polite) promises unprecedented levels of spending, an old socialist policy, although possibly we’ve never seen it on this scale, billions being thrown around like confetti (yes that’s a cliche but it fits) to fix just about every problem we face.  When he runs out he’ll just borrow some more! On Brexit he declares himself neutral – an ‘honest broker’ to bring the country back together. It’s more likely that he is waiting to see how the land lies before he commits himself.
The Liberal Democrat’s promise to stop Brexit and revoke Article 50 is anti democratic. It ignores the wishes of every leave voter.  It’s totally unrealistic to imagine that they are going to vote for this. The thing that is most striking about their campaign though, is the constant repetition by Ms Swinson that she’s not putting Boris back in Downing Street, but she’s not going to put Mr Corbyn there either.  She does not say who is going to be there. I think she really thinks that she could be going there instead!
In the Question Time session last week, the only party leader to acquit herself reasonably well was SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon.  There were a lot of Scots in the audience who were able to get answers to their questions. All well and good. For the rest of us the important thing is her insistence on another Independence referendum. Again this is anti democratic as they’ve already had one and voted to stay in the Union.  Both Johnson and Corbyn would deny her that, although Corbyn has said not in his first two years then he sort of fluffed a bit and said not in his first Parliament. About the only thing they agree on! Their  relevance in the campaign is what they if they’re holding the balance of power.  Ms Sturgeon says she’ll work with anyone except Boris!
Except, of course, none of this is a joke.  It’s uncertain, muddled and therefore confusing.  It’s frightening or exciting depending on where you stand.  None of us can see how this is all going to pan out. It’ll probably go right to the wire before we know.
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