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Today Europa Editions publishes Elena Ferrante’s Key Words, by Italy’s foremost Ferrante scholar, Tiziana de Rogatis. Key Words takes the acclaimed Neapolitan Quartet beyond its Italian origins and connects it to the trends and networks of global literature. (Public Books.org).

Ferrante’s Storytelling in a Global Age — Public Books

For anybody who has read Ferrante anything written about her is interesting. Follow the link above to read more.

She is an enigma, as no one knows her real identity. It’s hard to believe, in the 21st Century, that anyone can keep themselves and their whereabouts secret. You would think that someone, somewhere would have found her and splashed her over social media. As far as I know, nobody has.

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If you haven’t read any of her books, I urge you to start with this one, pictured here. I couldn’t stop once I started, the writing is amazing. This first one started out as the first of a trilogy, but, in fact Ferrante added a fourth. They are known as the Neopolitan Novels.

They chronicle the lives of two friends, starting in childhood and ending in old age. The style is fascinating, a little quirky. The story is so gripping I read all four one after the other, an unusual thing for me but it had to be done.

The two little girls in the first book live in a part of Naples which is poor, but in which people strive to make a living that they hope will lift them out of poverty and elevate them to a higher place in the order of things.

One child is clever, studious and sees education as her way out of her situation. Her counterpart is completely opposite, she runs wild most of the time, and sees marriage to a rich gangster as her way out.

These two characters are diametrically opposed but somehow they maintain an uneasy friendship throughout their lives, sometimes not seeing each other for years.

I haven’t given too much detail here, it would probably take all day! These novels are so rich in content, depth and just good storytelling. I’m going to leave you to judge for yourself.

I would recommend these books to anyone who loves reading life stories, or family sagas, or indeed just anyone who loves books. Happy Reading!

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