How a hard decision could improve my life

Sometimes it just has to be done

I’ve made a big decision. I’m going to do something fairly drastic. I’m hoping it’s going to change a part of myself I am very unhappy with.

I’m going to have a ‘buzz’ cut. I’m going to cut my hair to within an inch of it’s life! What on earth is a buzz cut I hear you ask. Here’s an example. I might end up looking like this, or could go even shorter.

https://www.besthairstyletrends.com on Pinterest

Needless to say that’s not me, it’s a very stylish pin from https://www.besthairstyletrends.com

Now imagine this. I am 65. I have naturally white hair which all my friends say they love it and they wish they had it. Worst of all I have my Father’s face (triple-chinned and jowly!). God bless you Dad.

Add to that the bloated and blotchy effect from the meds I take and there you go. Keep looking at the image above and pretend it’s me!

I hate my hair. Worse than that I hate my scalp. Like many people with neurological disorders, I have a dermatological condition which is difficult to manage.

It causes my scalp to itch constantly. If I scratch it it gets worse and sometimes it will bleed because I’ve scratched it too much in one spot. Don’t think that I’m covered in scabs. I’m not. But I am being driven slowly insane.

So this is why I need to shave as much of my head as I dare. I need to be able to treat it with product that hopefully will help.

My disability means I am unable to shower and washing my hair relies on my husband or my daughters. Sometimes it just isn’t possible. It’s also a bit of a palaver! Either I get soaked or the floor does. So managing my hair generally is not easy. Managing it with a scalp condition is almost impossible.

So I have decided. Tomorrow is the big day!

Photo by Pascal Bernadon on Unsplash
Older woman covering her head in purple!


  • tenaciousme553226391

    I can relate to this so much! I had gorgeous long, thick hair my entire life, then RA hit and I couldn’t care for it anymore as I can’t raise my arms long enough to do anything with it, even washing had become a massive chore. I found a cute chin length cut that flatters my face, and have not turned back since. I love my much easier to manage short locks.

    • Belles Days

      The same happened to me. I had short hair but it was a great colour and in good condition. I could no longer lift my arms to deal with it. Other people except hairdressers never do it the way you do it yourself. So when I got the SD and I couldn’t treat it, that was the time! Going shorter still next time as I absolutely love it. But my hair grows like a weed, so I will have to do it quite often.

      I’m finding a problem trying to sign up to your e mail on your blog, but it may just be me!

      • tenaciousme553226391

        It’s a hard choice to make, especially if you have had long hair your whole life, but I do love my adorable and manageable short locks. Thank you for letting me know about the email sign up issue, I will look into that!

  • Elaine

    I’ve enjoy reading some your latest posts. I think you have a lovely blog and write from the heart. I hope to get back into posting soon… other things in life have come up but these other things will hopefully lead me to a new place and a new job where I feel I can make a difference… fingers crossed. Warm regards.

    • Belles Days

      Thank you Elaine. Life does get in the way that’s true I hope it does lead to something positive for you. I do write from my heart that’s true, I get things in my head and I have write about them, mainly because I have an active mind in a very inactive body! I think life experiences stay with you and will lead you to have to do something with them. I look forward to reading your posts in the future. Good luck and keep in touch

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