Does a good morning routine make you a better blogger?

And does it contribute to being successful?

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I’ve just read an article written by a successful blogger interviewing other successful bloggers about their morning routine and how it contributes to their productivity during the day.

In every single one of the six interviews I read, no matter when they woke up, no matter what time of the morning, be it 5 a.m. or 9, their first task was writing. Journaling was the most popular thing, setting out goals for the day, reflecting and thinking.

Clearly none of these bloggers have children, bar one, who said she had a 5 year old. She writes before the child wakes. I have to say, in my experience of 5 year olds, she must have to get up pretty early.

I’m not criticising, I’m just astonished and slightly envious. When I was younger and, thank goodness, healthy I was married and bringing up 5 children. The mornings were absolute mayhem, getting them up, ready for school, making sure they had breakfast, games kit, packed lunches etc etc. Every mum will know the drill. Certainly no room to put a word on a page!

The only thing I got up early for was to feed the baby, or in later years, to grab a quick coffee before the chaos began!Too exhausted to write anything except note in child’s homework book or something.

Once the last one went to school, I started and ran my own business (with my friend and business partner) for the next eight years. Then, going to the gym early in the morning was more important to my wellbeing.

My husband worked long hours, I tried to fit my work into school hours, so I was able to pick the kids up. I also worked weekends.

During this time, I did keep a journal of sorts, when I had time, or remembered to write in it. When my youngest child was about 12, I started a degree course with The Open University, when obviously writing was intrinsic to the course.

My morning routine was no less chaotic, I still had four children at home, my eldest having gone to Uni by this time.

Sometimes, as the kids got older and were sleeping in a bit longer, on a Sunday morning I would get up and take coffee and the papers back to bed where my husband and I would read them and the kids wandered in and out.

Once they all grew up and one by one left home, I could finally have a morning routine that suited me. But it didn’t involve writing or journaling in any way. It just meant coffee and reading my book. I hadn’t properly read a book in years. Now was my chance!

(Just notice how often coffee pops up in this story!)

Then I got MS. I had managed to keep a journal going when my symptoms started, because I needed to get things on paper (yes paper!) for my mental health.

Since I’ve been a tetraplegic (10 years now) I have a morning routine that is not of my choosing. Now I couldn’t write in the morning even if I wanted to. My mornings are strictly controlled to be ready for carers every morning when they come at 9.30 a.m.

Twice a week community nurses come in at 10 and the carers at 11. Since I am put to bed at 6 in the evening, most days are short. I have to fit all my writing and other things like seeing my friends and family into this short day.

I suppose these very productive bloggers must have become successful so they treat it as a business. I have been learning to blog for six months now and it’s changed and enriched my life in so many ways. But my morning routine is as it is!

I just hope I’m as successful as they are one day even without the enviable morning routine!

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  • Holly

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading this post and your thoughts. That’s first and foremost. Thank you for sharing your heart and mind on here! Glad to see you in the blogosphere.

    Secondly, my heart goes out to you. I too have read that you must do “XYZ” in the morning, well, because that’s what productive people do! I am not one to be in agreement with this mode of thinking. I believe that each of us have a natural rhythm that works with our physical and mental health. For some of us – mornings are when we feel refreshed, recharged and most creative. It would make sense then that during this time, you’re at your personal best. Doing writing, chores, entrepreneurial tasks (etc) would be most successful during those hours.

    For others of us, we might be most productive and creative during the mid-afternoon hours. Still some are night owls. That was always my leaning but my body (and mind) seem to be changing it up a bit as the years press onward.

    So I say to you, carry on friend. Carry on! 🙂 You continue to do what you do best, when you do it best. I’d let them work when they see fit and feel best, while you honor your creative genius by doing the same. The beauty of us is in our diversity and uniqueness. I pray you find your version of success too, in the way that makes you feel great about yourself and your beautiful journey in this life.

    Sending you all my very best this day! God bless! ♥

  • Marushka

    I too have read the those articles! They are hard to miss. I am always happy for the people portrayed. But here’s an important thing: they have that routine to tell their story – and their story is different from yours or mine. When we feel moved to share our story, we find a way to do so, however small or unglamorous, because we can’t help it. Your story is powerful. You have found a way to share your story; you fight to tell it each day. And because of that fight, this morning you’ve given me a completely new perspective – something not one of those articles has managed. Today I’ll look at the clock at 10 and at 6 and imagine what your story is – and look forward to reading your next post, whether written first thing in the morning or not.

    • Belles Days

      Thank you, I’m so glad I could do that for you. So I’ll keep on writing, because a comment like yours gives me the motivation and inspiration to do so.

  • 2robins

    You seem to find lots of time for writing. Yes, it’s impressive when people can create and stick to such regimens but it’s not the way everyone can work. I’m self-employed and every single one of my work days in a week is on a different schedule. I write (and by write, I often mean talk/record) whenever something pops into my mind. As long as it gets done, you do you!

    • Belles Days

      I find the time for writing because I’m in a wheelchair now and can’t get out very often. If I didn’t have something to do I’d go crazy! I’ve been self employed back in the day before I got MS so I know what you mean. I’m lucky we have all this tech now it makes it all much easier. I record too. As you says who cares as long as it gets done!

  • ELL

    I really enjoyed reading this! I found it super interesting and fascinating! I have seen the articles as well and it always makes it seem that the most successful wake early and are super productive but I think it is important to remember we are individuals with our journeys, stories and circumstances. What works for others, doesn’t necessarily work us! I think you are doing amazing – keep going, Ell

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