Brief Thoughts

Brief Thoughts

For when time is short and when ideas are hiding

Photo by Jesus Kiteque on Unsplash

A big shoutout to Glen Mackenzie at for giving me this brilliant idea of writing shorter blog posts when I have no time or ideas. I hope he doesn’t mind me using it.

This last week has been a bit weird and although I have a blog post planned, half-written even, the time I need to finish it, never mind the concentration, is just not there.

Let me explain: we are having the garden landscaped to make it possible for me to go around outside in my power chair.  We have a small house and a small garden.  The means of getting out was hampered by not being able, safely, to exit the kitchen. 

Since our holiday is not possible this year we decided to use the money to improve the outside space. The upshot of this is, that there has been noise, disruption, dust as well as trying to obey the lockdown rules. My routine has gone right off course.

The heat makes me tired and that hasn’t been helpful.

So, here I am producing my first ‘short’ blog.  Glen calls his ‘Short and Sweet’ so I’m going to call this ‘Brief Thoughts’. Do have a look at his blog it’s really worth your time.

Keep safe and well


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