This is what procrastination looks like

What follows is the end result!


Image is of laptop cup of coffee two pencils, screwed up paper to show procrastination
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Oh my goodness I am professionally procrastinating today.

I had loads of things I wanted to talk about. I’ve got two half-written blog posts, one more in basic planning mode, and yet no matter how hard I’ve tried today, I can’t get anything done.

I went out in my newly renovated garden this morning with all good intentions.  I love my new garden, it is amazing.

 I even have my own space right at the top.  A little square where I can turn my power chair easily.  In the afternoon it is nice and shady, so I can sit there and write in peace.

That’s as long as the Magpies stop bombarding me with cherry stones and arguing with each other.

This all depends on the weather of course.  At the moment, unusual here in the UK, we have lovely hot weather with a light breeze to cool us.  This is due to continue apparently.

How hot weather affects chronic illness

Having MS makes the heat quite difficult to handle, and I know that there are other chronic illnesses that do the same.  The effect can be unpleasant.  

I wilt like a flower.  I am unable to hold my body or head up.  The good thing is that once in the shade or inside the house, I recover very quickly.

It’s just a question of knowing how much you can take, and when you have a chronic illness you soon learn for sure.

In bed last night was unbearably hot, and the forecast says that humidity is going to build up. This means more uncomfortable nights.

I usually take my duvet off and sleep with a light cotton blanket.  I was once left an ambulance blanket by mistake, and it is very light and comfortable.  

So, it’s important to take care of ourselves in hot weather.

Tomorrow is another day

That is my mantra, the thing I repeat to myself if things aren’t going so well. In fact, I have two; which one I use depends on how bad things are. The other one is ‘it must/will end’ 

The second one kept me going through eight weeks in hospital after being in an induced coma when I went into septic shock.  During that time I had dialysis (my kidneys had failed), I contracted pleurisy, I had a tracheotomy to help me breathe on a ventilator and many uncomfortable procedures.

All the time, I would repeat to myself ‘it will end’. And eventually it did.  Six years later here I am.  I ended up with only one kidney but I know how to manage that.  I was told I probably would never breathe on my own again but I did.

I am sure that repeating that mantra day after day helped me through.
Just as I am sure that repeating ‘tomorrow is another day’ gets me through every day whatever happens.

I know a lot of people use the ‘tomorrow’ phrase to cope with a bad day. I’m certain it produces a more positive attitude.

Do you have phrases or mantras you use to help you through? Comment below if you have, I’d love to hear some others.

Stay safe, keep positive

Girl laying in grass to sleep
Photo by Andriyko Podilnyk on Unsplash


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