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Hi, how are you?

I think today’s post is going to have to be a bit short.  I’m carrying out a major overhaul of my blog.  Nothing that will necessarily be noticeable but there are certain things I realise I did wrong when first I started my blog nearly a year ago, and other things I didn’t do when I migrated to self hosting.

So fiddling and twiddling is necessary.  

I’m wondering how you’re all feeling about the easing of lockdown restrictions? For those of us with chronic illness it can be a difficult time.  

I was definitely anxious about leaving the safety of my home until I had no choice.  I went.  In fact it was ok, people were wearing masks, social distancing was more or less being taken seriously.  

I was in my manual chair as my power chair was too wide for where I was going.  I love it when you go somewhere and there’s no access via the main entrance so you get dragged around to some obscure little back door and pushed and pulled until they get you through it!

And as always I smiled and said it’s ok, don’t worry, it’ll be fine etc. I don’t know why I’m trying to make them feel better!

For some reason I always feel bad about the inconvenience I cause people.  How ridiculous is that?  I think about that famous saying ‘never apologise, never explain’ but I always find my self doing both.  

I have to admit to staying home again since then.

We have had some lovely summer weather over the last ten days.  This has meant I have been able to be in our newly landscaped garden. It really is a joy for me because I have one or two different places I can sit, with a different view.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a very small garden.  But it’s done in such a way that I get the extra space.

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This has been a difficult time for our family following the death of our grandson aged 7. Nothing can ever prepare you for something so devastating. He was much loved and loved us all back in return. He will live in our hearts every day for the rest of our lives.

Its been very difficult to think of anything else since he’s been gone, and my blog has been hard work. But I’m determined to carry on, despite thoughts of giving up. It’s been a severe test of my usual positivity, but I’m sure I will come through to be the best I can be. I owe it to Harley, he would not want his granny to change.

So that’s it for today. Proper post already in the pipeline for next week. Thank you for reading today.

Stay safe.

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