The most miserable Jester ever

Shouldn’t they be funny?

Today for the first time I am participating in Melanie B Cee’s Word of the day challenge. Melanie’s blog can be found at

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The word of the day today is ‘Jester’.

I could not miss this opportunity.

I had to write about the time when my youngest daughter was in primary school and the end of term school nativity play was coming up. Parts were being allocated – there were no auditions, and she was excited to see what part had been chosen for her.

When I went to pick her up later that day, a very miserable 10 year old appeared at the gate.

When I asked what part she’d been given in the play, a mumbled “jester” came back. I, of course immediately burst out laughing which made her even more cross. I should have known better! I was slightly confused as to how the Jester fitted into a Nativity play.

My daughter is the youngest of five children. At home she kept us all royally entertained with her antics and merry quips. But outside she lacked confidence. If she had been given what she thought was an important part she probably would have been happier.

The Jester was so perfect for her and the teachers obviously knew it.

The day came and I went along and took my seat in the Hall. The play began, all the usual suspects appeared, the Shepherds, the Wise Men and so on. I can’t remember how the Jester came to be relevant (she is about to be 41 – it was a long time ago!), she can’t remember either.

Anyway eventually she appeared.

I always thought that, in general, the character was funny and entertaining. No chance with this one. I couldn’t stop laughing and I had to hide it. All she remembers now is that tights and a hat were involved and she was cross.

When she asked me what I thought, all I could say was “darling, that was the most miserable Jester I have ever seen”. She was teased unmercifully when she was home!

Cartoon drawing of a Jester in a traditional red and green costume
Photo from Pixabay

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