I Am Just One Big Baby

And I have been known to cry like one too!

Photo by Picsea on Unsplash

I’ve realised that, actually, I am just one big baby.  In other words everything that makes up my life is exactly like it would be for a baby!

I can’t wash my face and hands, so every morning that’s done for me.  I can’t brush my own hair, I can’t wash my body, so it has to be washed for me. I can just about feed myself, in fact in that I’m a baby with a bib on, dropping food down said bib, which then has to be washed.  

Luckily, I’m out of nappies now so that’s no longer something to worry about – like are we going to run out?!

I can’t wash my hair so someone has to do it.  I have very nice people who look after me every day and wash my hair twice a week.

Once they’ve done all those things I’m put in my moving chair, where I play with my toys, where I am given lunch and drinks until the very nice people come and get me ready for bed again.

The next day it starts all over again.

It does sound like a baby having everything done for them doesn’t it?  It’s a bit depressing when you then replace the baby with a 66 year old woman who has lived a full life up until 2003.

I have a new carer. She is 20 years old. To her I must seem ancient, on top of which she has to look after this wrinkly like it’s a baby.  When she first came I think she assumed that at 66 I wear ‘cardies’ (cardigans), and she told me that despite me being ‘older’ (I think she said ‘old’ but she swears she didn’t) I have very good boobs!

Now she knows me better I hope she’s discovered that I’m not quite as she thought I would be. Who knows?

So, I’m not really a baby, I just have MS.

Photo by Minnie Zhou on Unsplash


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