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How Would You Answer This Question

What will you miss about November?

Photo by Lukasz Lada on Unsplash

Somebody posed this question this morning, I forget who. It’s a strange question under any circumstances but in the present time?  There can only be one answer – nothing!

Or is that really the case.  Is there truly nothing that any of us would miss about this month which ends today?

November is a funny month.  By this I mean peculiar.  No longer the pseudo Summer days of October, but not quite the real clutch of Winter around our throats.

Still some leaves on the trees, those that are clinging on for dear life as the wind blows and the rain falls.  By the end of the month (today) the trees are putting on their winter look.  

So November is neither one thing or the other.  

This November has been a peculiar month in a very odd and frightening year.  Everybody has got through it the best they can.

I never miss anything about November, I know that Winter is beginning. Others may miss something about it.

This year I can’t imagine any of us missing anything at all.

Photo by Luke Porter on Unsplash

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