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    Word of the day: Dysania

    Yes! At last I have found a word for my inability to get out of bed! Something that I can use to describe the struggle, effort and blood sweat and tears I’ve endured just to get out of bed in the morning. For why I’ve often said I want to live in my bed. Now I know I have Dysania.  What a relief to be able to say I’m Dysanic!  So everybody will know that I’m not just a lazy bitch after all. Thank you! http://sparksfromacombustiblemind.com/2021/03/09/dysania

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    How Would You Answer This Question

    What will you miss about November? Somebody posed this question this morning, I forget who. It’s a strange question under any circumstances but in the present time?  There can only be one answer – nothing! Or is that really the case.  Is there truly nothing that any of us would miss about this month which ends today? November is a funny month.  By this I mean peculiar.  No longer the pseudo Summer days of October, but not quite the real clutch of Winter around our throats. Still some leaves on the trees, those that are clinging on for dear life as the wind blows and the rain falls.  By the…

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    One Important Way To Maintain Your Positivity

    It really is essential for your well-being ” Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference” Sir Winston Churchill I am laying in bed one Saturday morning. The weather is cold but in my bed I am warm and comfortable. I think ‘I don’t want to move from here’ knowing that within a short time my carers will arrive. They will cheerily throw back my covers, strip me naked, wash and dress me and hoist me into my wheelchair. I want to stay in my warm comfortable bed. I cannot face all that just to sit in the chair for 7 hours with pain gradually worsening, until I…

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    How To Think About What Autum Means To You

    Here’s what it means to me How beautiful the trees grow old, how full of light and color are their last days John Burroughs Sitting by the window this morning with beautiful sunshine coming in, I am studying the tree just outside. It’s a funny tree, it produces one apple each year. This year the apple shriveled up and died during the hot weather. Now, it’s leaves are turning yellow, and in the sunlight it looks glorious, all yellow and green and beautiful. But I know the leaves will soon drop and tree will become brown just like all the other trees around the house and which I can see…