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    One Important Way To Maintain Your Positivity

    It really is essential for your well-being ” Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference” Sir Winston Churchill I am laying in bed one Saturday morning. The weather is cold but in my bed I am warm and comfortable. I think ‘I don’t want to move from here’ knowing that within a short time my carers will…

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    How To Think About What Autum Means To You

    Here’s what it means to me How beautiful the trees grow old, how full of light and color are their last days John Burroughs Sitting by the window this morning with beautiful sunshine coming in, I am studying the tree just outside. It’s a funny tree, it produces one apple each year. This year the apple shriveled up and died…

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    When Life Is Just Hard

    A few words can lift us up Walk the path.And when you can’t anymore;Walk another step,and another.Growth is uncomfortableand precious.And time –a single grain of sand.Of all the light there is,the one we don’t seeis the brightest of all. Poem by Ansua Dutta-Wystup More poems, as well as beautiful paintings, by Ansua can be found at https://the yogicgarden.com

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    I Am Just One Big Baby

    And I have been known to cry like one too! I’ve realised that, actually, I am just one big baby.  In other words everything that makes up my life is exactly like it would be for a baby! I can’t wash my face and hands, so every morning that’s done for me.  I can’t brush my own hair, I can’t…